About Wasse

About Wasse

At Wasse mechanization you will find a sales program with various top brands. Good common sense is in our roots, this is the basis for our rock-solid service.

The Wasse family's original agricultural business was too small to offer a future to their 4 sons. As a result, "contracting company Wasse" was founded in 1966. Customers also increasingly found the contracting company for repairs to their equipment. As a result, the contracting company was expanded with a mechanization branch in 1982 and we became a dealer of Ursus and Belarus tractors.

Due to the well-established reputation, we were approached in 1984 by the then importer of Valmet to become a dealer of Valmet (currently Valtra). Also in this year a Farmax spading machine was purchased for the contracting company, which marked the start of the collaboration with Farmax.

All in all, this was the run-up to fully focus on the mechanization company. As a result, the contracting company was sold in 1996.
The company was expanded even further through the acquisitions of SamEx in 2001, the collaboration with Vervaet in 2009 and the acquisition of Mesken mechanization in 2014 (Fendt dealership).

The expansion of the workshop in 2013 was therefore necessary.

We have now grown into a modern and leading mechanization company in which the third generation is already working.

We strive for quality in technology and services and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with various top brands. You can find our top brands here on our website. If you want to know more, be welcome in Hijken, the coffee is ready for you!

Address data

Wasse BV
Oranjekanaal ZZ 17
9415 PR Hijken
The Netherlands
KvK: 04015255

Contact details

General phone: +31(0)593-524 066
Whatsapp service: WhatsApp

Gerry Wasse: +31(0)6-5342 8536
Wouter Truin: +31(0)6-5043 6447
Jan Wasse: +31(0)6-5580 6130